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Smash-Cut is a fast growing English productions house, we are  a one-stop solutions vendor for News, Sports productions & post-production.


Specialists in News, Sports and local service providing for our clients,  production and post-production for TV, Radio and Film industry.


Our global network of reports in the major cities and field deliver content across a political event, local and sports events, our crew is standby to create all the world’s stories.

over the years, our professional work ethics crew has given us

the accountability, experience, fast respond with a high standards output to our clients in the Pan-Arab, Worldwide media industry.

Our lineup of Work-spans gamut of news coverages (News packages, DTL's, interviews) to programs and films made for TV (documentaries, animation, etc) and promotional videos and training programs for large corporations, marketing videos.


Our Work



Smash-Cut is unique in that we offer creative services for video production and typically, you work with a creative agency for your creative, and a video production company to actually make the video.

When you decide to work with us, we’ll guide you through the entire process from conception, scripting, and story boarding, to casting and shooting, and all the way through post-production and launch. 

Each phase is aligned with a schedule you approve at the outset, with clearly  defined milestones along the way.

Post - Productions

 We help fer complete services from editing, GFX, Animation, to Music composing and mixing everything that occurs after shooting has been completed. 

editing, special effects, and/or animation. However, it could also include distribution, such as sending your video out to television corporations or uploading the video online.

Broadcast Video Camera
Audio Mixing Pult

Audio Productions

At Smash-Cut, from recording voices for long form productions, interviews, dubbing, News packages and links in English, Arabic and Turkish for the likes of Panorama FM, mbc FM.

We have had years of experience when it comes to everything radio.Researching, writing,                     recording and editing – we look at the skills required to make engaging radio and hear from producers in music, speech, factual and comedy about what it takes to work in radio.

Social Media / Online Productions

Social media is now a vital part of programming. With millions of people online every day, it has the power to turn a project into a worldwide success.

We live and breathe Social media, know all the latest trends and how to communicate and engage effectively. We aim to deliver high impact social production to help you and your business get where it wants to be.

Editing & Post Production
Digital social media
Our Work
UAE Cycling Team
BBC - The Arabic Spring 2011
Real Solari
Barce Vs Atlat Clasico
Premier League Final - Hamza Elbahisy
FC Bayren Reactions
Nojeen Trip   Video Dailymotion
Aljazeera interview for Cyber wars
WTM London, ExCel Exhibitions
Paris   Abu Dhabi1 TV
BBC - The Arabic Spring 2011
Frankfurt Book Fair 2018, Coverage for Abu Dhabi TV with Mr. Salih Albahar
Frankfurt   Abu Dhabi TV2
Frankfurt Book Fair, Last Day
Royal Ascot 2018
Erdogan Chatem House
UAE National Day
Dubai Police/London
Dubai Police
UAE Ambassador
Ahmed Maher, bbc
Dr. Abdulla HQ
Promotional, Dubai Police
Arap Anatolu
UAE London
TRT Arabic Promo
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Our Work



Smash-Cut Productions Camera Rentals is a full service London Area based equipment rental house.
Canon C300

Info: +44 7 405720259

Booking: +447404661994

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